My journey in the entertainment and events industry all began with my role as an Audio Assistant to a local DJ, where I learned the basic fundamentals of events and discovered my passion for entertainment. My knack for promotion and event management soon led me to take on the role of a night club promoter, where I honed my skills in orchestrating some of the most iconic underground events in the South.

Eager to explore my own musical talents, I decided to move on from planning & promoting in order to step behind the decks and become the entertainment as a DJ. I immersed myself in the world of dance music.  Soon after, my passion for creating lead me to remixing & producing my own tracks. I would go on to release numerous remixes, singles & albums.

The hard work eventually paid off when I produced a chart-topping #1 hit single on Atlanta’s Top40 Radio Station, Q100. The success of this single opened up exciting opportunities, allowing me to tour extensively across the United States and around the world. For a decade, I was able to travel and perform for audiences of all kinds.

After years of touring, I eventually returned home with a newfound vision. I wanted to use my experiences and talents to contribute & put my own personal style into the event industry.  I wanted to create something meaningful. So I founded my own company, dedicated to organizing special events that are unique in their experience.  Drawing from my experience, I make sure every event has a special flair to it, making it truly your memorable event.

I believe having experienced and having had a hand in every level of the process of events from top to bottom, has allowed me to master the craft of making events fun, momentous & special. From my early days as an Audio Assistant to now, I continue to share the wonder and joy I experienced throughout my journey with my clients, families & couples. I hope to be your entertainment & help bring your event to life!